EAInversores in United States

Founder of EAInversores, Gastón Fontaine, have participated in the U.S exchange program called “Young Leaders of Americas Initiative”, supported by the U.S. Department of State. The program lasted almost two months in which tools were learned for leading and young entrepreneurs from all Latin América and the Caribbean.

“This sort of experiences help to strengthen ties with people across the entire Continent and promote business leadership through young people” said Gastón.

On the other hand, Gastón remarked that this program enhance the possibility and the enviroment of doing business across the region, bringing entrepreneurs together to get better deals.

This exchange program included a first stop that it was in Detroit, were the participants had a Welcome Meeting with some entrepreneurs and business men from this city. Then, for one month aprox., they were situated in different cities (cities hub) where they had a work experience with local enterprises. At the end, there was a Closum Forum at Washington DC.